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Welcome to
New World Chile S.A.

We know your culture and your way of doing business, that's why we understand your needs

Our Mission 

Our mission is the horizontal integration of the commercial chain, alert on controlling each critical point so that we may generate better opportunities and sustainable results for our growers, farms, suppliers and customers, with special emphasis on eco-friendlies and social responsibility.  

Our Values

We work under an Honest, Integral and Human model. We let our growers, suppliers and clients know what we believe, feel, and where we are headed. We report real market information, present strategies, and future goals with complete transparency. 


Our vision is to increase and improve operations in diverse world growing areas, by putting special attention on strategic alliances with local business companies and growers that understand the culture of each country and then allow us to grow together on the developed of produce exports and imports throughout the world.

​Our search for customers and growers is not on a short term perspective, we look after to build a solid platform for long-term business relationships. We would like to see our grandsons keeping the relations that we have at present times.

​Sooner or later we will be part of just one unified world economy with now borders at all, where each country will be specialized in the products that they have advantages to grow, and at that time we want to be part of it by contributing with international trades from and to all over the world, assuring that every person has the opportunity to access to healthy food.


Our culture is based on a specialized personal relationship with growers, suppliers, customers, and special attention with our employees.

In our company, we believe that the best way of developing a business in the international markets is by working with local people, giving them the opportunity to grow with us, and not for us. 

Our internal philosophy is to base our relationship with our employees on trust, by giving each a general guideline of duties, as well assigning short, medium and long term goals. 

Once duly informed, we let them act by themselves in the different areas so that they can develop their own skills and become a true asset to the company, thus achieving both personal and professional development in an easygoing and satisfactory manner

With this goal in mind, we strive to meet a continuous training plan in the different areas, assuring that the employees may grow and develop their abilities integrally with the company and not isolated from it.

Employees maintain a close personal relationship with the owners and directors, while they put a deep emphasis on their well-being. 

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