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Our commitment with Global Warming and Environment

The global warming is the result of the Greenhouse effects that create the accumulation of atmospheric gases.

Of those ones, the most important are: carbon dioxide, which comes from the use of fossil fuels: methane, which results from organic breakdown and carbon chloride, used in refrigeration. 

Chile is the second emitter of carbon per capita after China.

Fruit export is one of the industrial activities that generate more carbon emissions in the world, being aware of this, we understand that we have to work to improve and become environmentally conscious. 

Given that we are far from several markets, the emissions brought on by our business are truly high since they include a series of productive and logistic processes to arrive from origin to each one of the markets in which we work.

For this reason the company purchased forests in 2003 in the south of Chile, in order to issue carbon credits and be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

We have also, to the same end, purchased and important number of carbon credits from an international company that has reserves in Chilean Patagonia.

Moreover, we are always keeping up to date and trying to improve our interaction with the environment, which is a key concern whenever a decision has to be taken.

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