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Who we are

New World is a multinational company dedicated to grow, commercialize, export and import fresh fruit and vegetables. 

In every country we work in alliances with local growers and shippers in order to supply our customers with fresh and excellent quality production all year long.

Additionally, we trade fruit and vegetables from different parts of the world with local partners due to our importer status in Chile and the USA. 

We are part of the third generation of a traditional and experienced family dedicated to the production and commercialization of fruits and vegetables in Chile since 1930.

In Chile, we are positioned as one of the main vegetables and fruit suppliers for the retail. 

What we do

Our main activity is in the trade of blueberries, asparagus, cherries, table grapes, stone fruit, apples and pears. We are grapes, cherries an asparagus growers in Chile, nevertheless, and with the aim of attending to the diverse needs of our customers, we've developed a business area in which we are continuously looking for opportunities for our clients in the entire world in order to supply them with products from new markets, and giving them commercialization, quality control and logistics service.

Our main strength is our vast market knowledge, on where we are located, due to the long experience acquired after years of working on this business.

We don’t believe in impossible things, that's why we are continuously looking for opportunities, and innovating in products and processes to feed the world from the most remote productive areas. 

Our services are based primarily on commercialization through a clear understanding of markets and customer requirements, and on delivering the best best results to our growers and suppliers. 

In order to meet these goals we are present in each stage of the business chain, from production to post sales, putting special attention to each critical point in order to reduce any threats that may affect the quality or condition of our fruit and vegetable products to the minimum level.

Our Management Team

Hernán Baeza Bunster

CEO & Founder

Matías Ruiz-Tagle Vargas

CFO & Founder

María Elena Baeza Bunster

 Planning & Controller Manager

Germán Schacht Verdugo

 Sales Manager

Ignacio Pinto Cáceres

 Operation & Logistics Manager

Tamara Miranda Contreras

I-Commerce Manager

Inés Astorga Vivanco, Head of Treasury & Accounting

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