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Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)

With our mind set on the community and aware of the great needs of humanity in today's world, New World has sought out to support specific institutions in Chile and the USA. In our country we support Equinox, an organization that develops rehabilitations programs for the disabled by using equine therapy, mainly for children with motor disabilities. 

On the other hand, we donate an important part of our income in the USA to support the families of both police and military servicemen.

In order to continue our support and contribute more to the community in general, we have started, permanent donations to the SOS Children's Villages organization, an international institution that seeks to help children in need throughout the world. 

Likewise, we make important donations to the Telethon campaign, which is held in Chile every year. 

New World, we want to be real contribution, not just connecting production and consumption throughout the world, but also connecting human needs with business management, and cooperate at different levels in which we may be of help.

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